Petko's Soundtrack (11/2010)

The season is finished so I took some time to create a new issue of Petko's Soundtrack. It's a collection of my current favourite rock-tunes. And, of course, the Petko-Dance.


On the mic

Let's rock!

I do play tennis quite well. The fact that I don't sing to good doesn't keep me from following my musical urge. Together with Phil Fill I wrote the song "Ich will 'ne Band sein". Give a listen and be happy that I chose the racket instead of the microphone.

Ich will 'ne Band sein by andreapetkovic


Besides tennis, music is a main element of my life. If given the opportunity I would definitely kick my tennis-career for being a rockstar. Unfortunately I am neither a talented singer nor do I play any instrument good enough so that it was gainless to give up the sport. I do play the guitar and the drums though. But in the latter case it’s the same as playing tennis: coordinating my arms works, but as soon as the feet join in, the chaos starts.

I spend a lot of my time with looking for new music or rediscovering old music. I have the dream to own a record label sometime that provides young artists the possibility to make a living out of their music. If I play tennis well, the corresponding results will occur, I will rise in the world ranking and earn more money. As a musician things are a bit different. Being talented doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful. You need to be lucky to be discovered by someone to get attention.

Music and sports have many things in common. Both of them may help you to get away from it all and to enjoy emotional moments. Be it grief or happiness – music and sports both are suitable to handle your inner feelings.